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A Collision of Obsessions

Combining the two things I've been obsessing over the most lately.

Someday I'll be able to do that move. =)

I've been going climbing 3 times a week lately. I can feel myself getting stronger. I can pull off moves I never even dared just a couple weeks ago. I'm climbing 5.10a pretty consistently. I've cleaned 2 of the three I've tried so far, and only fell once last night, but only because I didn't realize I had to do a heel hook. I did a heel hook! That was the most satisfying move I've ever done. To really use your *whole* body to get yourself up and over an overhang is just one step removed from being a super hero. =) The 5.10a climbs are much more about creativity and figuring out a puzzle than just being able to lift your body over and over. I can't wait for the challenges that await.
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Umlauts Are So Much More Metal

Yeah, so, I'm a big dork, and a softie for cute and fuzzy things.

I'm really excited about my kitty. She's proving to be extremely social and loving. I had some friends over and was playing loud music, and she still came out and let everyone pet her. And she's only been in my home for 2 days!

Also, I decided that, in the style of Spin̈al Tap, I should add an umlaut to her name. She will officially be Skülly. I'm even going to insist that go on her tags. =)
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Kitty Names

So the Humane Society named her Jillian.

I want to name her Lucky.

levanah wants to name her Skull-y.

freakachu thinks, if I want to truly go for irony, I should name her Snowball.

If I got an all white cat, I was thinking about going for opposing quark names.
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