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More Changes

I've integrated the category archives and comment/archive pages. Now they have the same php-rendered look and feel. Woot! Let's see, what's next?  • Fix my prices page.  • Fix my comics page.  • Fix my DVD page.  • . . .  • Take over the world!
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New Design

So, I finally got around to creating a whole look to my entire website. I took my old blog stylesheet and contorted it a bit and added a sprinkle of PHP that I've been learning lately and I, voila, I have a new look. PHP is great. It makes it so easy to include pieces of html from different locations. I have a standard header, footer, and nav bars, that I can use on every page, whatever the main content. It made it easy to assimilate my gaming site. I bet you were all beginning to think I had abandoned my my blog. =)
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No Need For Spam

Sorry, I realized that having my training log entries visible to the public was pretty much like spamming my own blog. I've removed them. Hope you're more inclined to read now. Not that I've posted anything in a while. Thanksgiving was fun. Got to go see the folks and eat turkey. Spent way too much time gaming with my brother. =)