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Beer Pong of SCIENCE!

So, I went to this little shin dig at the NASA Ames Research Center, Yuri's Night.


The drink lines were stupidly long, so we all got 4 beers each. We took our beers over to a spot next to a dome and set them down on the ground and stood around them to protect them from foot traffic. Jim had brought two ping pong balls because he had hoped to play beer pong at the pre-party. We put 2 and 2 together and got...


How can you pass up a chance to do that? You can't. I dare you to try.

So, we set up a couple triangles of beer and Jim and I started to play. It took a while because we're not accustomed to the low angle of trajectory and seated position and small vertical dimension of playing field. But, eventually, I won.

We figured that beer pong has never been played in that hangar ever before, if not at NASA as a whole. So, I declared myself the NASA Beer Pong Champion.

If any actual beer pong has been played at NASA, I challenge the champion of said beer pong to a match!
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"Travelocity airline confirmation for Dublin, Ireland trip"

WOOHOO! All booked for a week-long trip in Ireland. I should probably phone ahead to the King of Ireland to stock up on extra Guinness. They're gonna need it. =)
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Lofty Idea

I am sooooooooo tired. That's a lot of O's. That's how tired I am. I just built a bed loft so that I can save space in my room by putting my computer under it. These things are rampant in dorm rooms. I never lived in a dorm in college, so maybe it's also so I can see what that was like. Anyway, here are the pictures. (BTW, it's a Queen size bed.) http://www.ky13.net/misc/loft/ P.S. I picked "Beer" as the category, because I had one while making it.
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Taco Revelation

Went to Taco Tuesday last night. I've finally realized that I don't want the tacos. I ordered Cheese Fries and beer and was much happier in general.
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Spawn of Taco Tuesday

Yay! Taco Tuesday lives!</p>

I thought that Taco Tuesday had completely died. It's just slightly dormant. You don't really need to bring a group with you, just go and you'll find people there. =)

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I used to love guinness. I think I'm burnt out. I'm half way through a 4 pack and I'm not liking the taste as much. I need to find something else...