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Summit Rock

Went outdoor climbing yesterday. It was beautifully sunny and view across the South Bay was incredible. Lots of good routes and this time we had probably 6 ropes for a dozen people. I was able to get in 4 climbs.

I sprained my ankle on a climb. This is the part where I talk about the incredibly amazing move I was doing at the time, but it happened while I was being lowered. =)

I was let down too fast on a tricky slant and I came slamming into the wall with my foot at an odd angle. A little swollen, stiff, but mostly ok.

elsparquito took many excellent pictures:
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Pinnacles on Parade

I went to Pinnacles National Monument on Sunday for some outdoor climbing.

We didn't leave Alviso until 10am, so we got to the park pretty late and had to park far away from our trail head because the close lots were full. We started hiking in the wrong direction and didn't realize it for about a mile. We couldn't figure out where we wanted to climb, and kind of got lost a little on the way to Discovery Wall. Finally we got there (at the top) and setup our top rope. We decided to repel down. Then we realized there was a trail that wrapped around the wall that only took a couple minutes.

We were finally ready to climb at 2:30pm.

There were 9 of us climbing on only 2 ropes, so it was slow going. I only got one climb in, but messed around with bouldering on some of the rocks at the base.

The rock there has these jagged little pebbles embedded in the rock. It's hard to get used to grabbing for them because they look like they're going to come off at the slightest touch. The rock was also very rough and harder on your hands.

Overall it was a wonderful day. Pinnacles is a beautiful place. Spending the day outdoors with great people made it a great Sunday.

I didn't have my camera with me. I'll post pictures as I get them from friends.
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Beer Pong of SCIENCE!

So, I went to this little shin dig at the NASA Ames Research Center, Yuri's Night.

The drink lines were stupidly long, so we all got 4 beers each. We took our beers over to a spot next to a dome and set them down on the ground and stood around them to protect them from foot traffic. Jim had brought two ping pong balls because he had hoped to play beer pong at the pre-party. We put 2 and 2 together and got...


How can you pass up a chance to do that? You can't. I dare you to try.

So, we set up a couple triangles of beer and Jim and I started to play. It took a while because we're not accustomed to the low angle of trajectory and seated position and small vertical dimension of playing field. But, eventually, I won.

We figured that beer pong has never been played in that hangar ever before, if not at NASA as a whole. So, I declared myself the NASA Beer Pong Champion.

If any actual beer pong has been played at NASA, I challenge the champion of said beer pong to a match!
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I'll take progress half at a time!

So, I made my attempt at a 5.10d tonight. I made it just past half way (standing on the half way). I felt like I could make it technically, I was just tired from swimming and not having climbed since last Wednesday.

I can't wait to come back to it Wednesday or Friday and conquer it!